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Aerial Owls Owners and Founders

Our story took flight when two female STEM students crossed paths. In 2017, Jasmine and I connected instantly, bonding over our shared love for aerial arts. We became 'WING women,' exploring every aerial class within a 2-hour radius of our city. 

Jasmine was not just a friend; she became my partner in this aerial adventure. She was the first to believe in my dream of starting an aerial business, and it became a reality. Her friendship became the most valuable gift I gained from my aerial journey.

Our aerial journey not only shaped our business but also cemented a bond that goes beyond the silks and hoops. Together, we continue to share our passion and spreading the joy of aerial arts.

Aerial Owls Advocates

Aerial Owls Advocates

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Custom Ordering

Please reach out to for custom ordering options

Refunds and Exchanges

Circus arts are a place of belonging where people are celebrated for their unique eccentricities, talents, and backgrounds. Like each individual person, Aerial Owls fabric is uniquely beautiful. Although the same color schemes and techniques are used for the silk of your choice, patterns, shades, and/or the predominant colors will vary from silk to silk. If ordering a completely custom silk, please consider the color combination mixing. In some cases, certain dyes are more suseptible to mixing with other colors. Please ask us if two dyes work well together or the possible outcomes of the fabric colors. For example: red + blue = some purples.


Each individual has unique taste and require different lengths to accomodate their rigging needs. Furthermore, once a customer has recieved a silk, it becomes a liability to resell it as usage, proper storage, etc. can not be accounted for by Aerial Owls. Due to these safety reasons and the customization of cut and color, we do not accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations after a silk order is in creation. Under unique circumstances exceptions may be made by the owner. We want our customers to be happy with their purchase so please reach out with questions or concerns.


OUR TOP PRIORITY IS SAFETY! Our fabrics were strength tested by Fight or Flight Entertainment and each silk is inspected before shipment. Please make sure you are taking proper care of them. Instructions can be found on the back of the tag provide with your silk, however care instructions can always be reviewed here. 


Care Instructions:

Once received by the customer, regular inspection, care, and maintenance of the fabric is the sole responsibility of the customer. Aerial is a dangerous sport and it is your responsibility to check your equipment for ware and tare. If your silk becomes damaged ask a professional if your equipment is in need of repair or replacement. To prolong the life of your fabric please do not keep sharp objects near your silk such as keys or sharp jewelry. Please inspect your silks for any ware and tare on every use. Do not leave in a hot car or in the sun for prolonged periods of time. Not only can prolong periods of sun fade any type of dyed fabric, heat can comprimise the fabric strength. Only wash one silk at a time. Use a mild detergent, wash on cold, and delicate. Please see our instruction page for rigging your silks or contact us! Our favorite part of our job is getting to know our customers (aerial family!) and geeking out by providing you with aerial resources and education.

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